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Biological Aging & GlycanAge

Biological Aging & GlycanAge

Ageing, whilst a natural process, is the accumulation of damage in your body over time, caused by a long term over-activation of the immune system.

Discovering your biological age will provide you with the confidence that your current lifestyle is optimal, or empower you to make changes if there could be room for improvement.

What are Glycans?

Glycans are sugar molecules that surround and modify proteins in your body. They respond to your lifestyle choices and indicate the inflammatory state of your immune system, which in turn determines your biological age.

Glycans have a large influence on your unique biology and are regulated almost equally by our genes on one side and environment and lifestyle choices on the other.

Who Should Do a GlycanAge Test?

A GlycanAge test is perfect for anyone wanting to understand their biological age and overall health.

It’s especially useful for health-conscious individuals, those interested in preventative care, and anyone dealing with weight loss, fatigue, or chronic stress. This test helps identify health risks early, allowing you to take proactive steps to improve your well-being.

What Conditions Can Be Reversed?

Understanding your biological age can help you reverse age-related conditions like chronic inflammation, poor cardiovascular health, and weakened immune function.

By making informed lifestyle changes—such as a healthier diet, more physical activity, stress management, and better sleep—you can significantly impact these conditions and potentially reverse your biological age.

Take Control of Your Health

A GlycanAge test empowers you to slow down the aging process and enhance your quality of life.

By identifying areas where your body is aging faster, you can tailor your health approach with targeted lifestyle changes.

Biological Aging Quiz

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GlycanAge is a powerful tool to help you prioritise your health today and enjoy a healthier, happier tomorrow.
GlycanAge is a powerful tool to help you prioritise your health today and enjoy a healthier, happier tomorrow.
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