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Birmingham B45 8NF

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A life-changing alternative to surgery

I’ve always had a love of football. I even had the opportunity to play professionally when I was younger but, as happens in life, other things arose and I remained a passionate amateur. However, it was incredibly important to me that I kept playing the game I love – for fitness, for joy, and for camaraderie. So when I started having serious problems with my knee, I feared I’d be told to stop playing to prevent any further damage. As it happened, I needed to have 30% of my meniscus – the soft cartilage on either side of the knee – removed, but the procedure was successful and I recovered well. 

Unfortunately, I recovered too well and I started playing again too early and developed the incredibly painful condition of bone oedema in my tibia. Then I was told that although surgery was a potential treatment for it, I would have to consider that I might not be able to play football ever again. The advice was to use crutches for four months before having another MRI scan to decide the best course of action. 

While I was digesting this unwelcome news, a colleague told me about Molecular Biophysical Stimulation Therapy (MBST) – also known as magnetic resonance therapy – which has had great success on injuries like mine. Willing to try a non-invasive treatment instead of surgery, I had a course of MBST twice a day for four and a half days. Within three weeks I was feeling better and after eight weeks I was playing football again.

The treatment and the outcome, together with the relief of being pain-free sowed the seed for the development of Regener8 Healthcare with the goal of providing MBST to other people who have joint pain or injuries. 

More about MBST

MBST was developed in Germany 17 years ago and used widely across Europe and Russia before coming to the UK 12 years ago. The MBST machine is similar to an MRI but instead of imaging, it uses magnetic resonance to stimulate cell regeneration, blood supply and collagen in the damaged joint. Each treatment lasts one hour with the option to have two on the same day so the entire course is either four and a half or nine days; it’s entirely non-invasive and has no known side effects.

The venture into healthcare

This has been a very personal journey for me and one that has inspired me to help others. Discovering MBST has been life-changing, so forming Regener8 Healthcare and finding the medical talent to support it was a natural next step. Our team has a combined experience of many decades and a dedication to improving people’s lives:

  • Geri Savova is a specialist nurse with 30 years of experience across many nursing disciplines and aesthetics.
  • Mr Vivek Wadwha is an exceptional surgeon and consultant, specialising in prostate and penile problems, bladder problems, erectile dysfunction, kidney and testicular conditions, male menopause and testosterone replacement therapy.  
  • Neil Sullivan is a talented spine specialist and physiotherapist who has spent 20 years in professional football treating injured footballers with an holistic approach so surgery becomes the last resort. 

As a new team, with myself guiding the sales, marketing and business strategy, we opened a clinic in Burton-on-Trent in November 2022, to provide MBST to people with arthritis, osteoporosis, ligament damage, cartilage damage, sports injuries and other similar conditions. 

Convincing results

So far, we’ve treated 34 patients and the results have been remarkable:

  • 95% of patients report a perfect outcome
  • Two patients have cancelled hip replacement surgery due to satisfaction with the treatment 

Although initial results are significant, outcomes vary per patient. Each human body is unique, so every response to the treatment is unique. A course of treatment with Regener8 Healthcare will cost £1,500 and will continue to be effective for three to four years before the process needs to be repeated. But when compared to the cost of a hip replacement in a private hospital, which can be anywhere from £16,000 to £17,000, or a knee replacement or around £12,000, magnetic resonance therapy becomes very cost-effective. 

Other services

As well as MBST Regener8 Healthcare offers a range of other treatments and checks:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Urology consultation and well-man checks, including tests for prostate PSA, liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, testosterone levels
  • Wellness checks
  • Vitamin infusions
  • Botox and fillers, including lip filler, tear trough filler, non-surgical rhinoplasty, hayfever injections, and meso therapy

As a team our goal is to be a specialist clinic that offers professional ethical advice, our objective is to provide patient satisfaction and be an option for people who are seeking an alternative to months of waiting for NHS treatment.

Ready to Restore, Renew, and Regener8?

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