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Ground-breaking technology leads to a revolution in pain treatment

There’s a technology innovation that has been causing waves of relief in the treatment of injury and pain. Where surgery might have been the only option, or a joint replacement looked like months or years on a waiting list, there is now Molecular Biophysical Stimulation Therapy (MBST), also known as magnetic resonance therapy. Although the therapy isn’t brand new, having been developed in Germany 17 years ago and widely used across Europe and Russia, it is ground-breaking in the way it treats injury and cell damage. Pioneered by a physiotherapy company in the UK 12 years ago, there are now 13 clinics offering this life-changing therapy, including two Regener8 Healthcare clinics in Birmingham and Burton-on-Trent.

MBST is non-invasive treatment for painful conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, ligament and cartilage damage, sports injuries, spinal problems and injuries, and bone density in post-menopausal women. Its use is proven to reduce or completely eliminate the option of surgery and as opposed to other invasive procedures, has no side effects at all.

Proven results for pain-free future

The results from MBST are remarkable. It’s early days for Regener8 Healthcare and this therapy, but the success rate is very encouraging. After opening our private clinic in Burton-on-Trent in November last year, we have treated 34 patients with an average 95% perfect outcome. As a result of therapy, two of those patients felt mobile enough and pain free to cancel the hip replacements they had scheduled. Each body responds differently to treatment and results may vary, but the proof is convincing.

The treatment process

Each treatment lasts one hour and takes place over four and a half, or nine consecutive days depending on if the patient has elected to have two treatments per day, or one. The nurse technician helps the patient into the MBST machine to make sure the area under therapy, such as a knee joint, is in the right place and then starts the treatment.

All the patient has to do is lie still for one hour, but during that time can relax and watch television or read a magazine. The treatment is pain-free and can’t be felt by the patient at all while its underway. Once the treatment has finished, the nurse technician will bring in fresh water for the patient to drink to help flush out the system and toxins. There might also be advice and discussion about the patient taking a collagen supplement to aid the repair and regeneration process.

A course of treatment with Regener8 Healthcare costs £1,500 and will continue to be effective for three to four years before the process needs to be repeated.

A kinder alternative to surgery

The value of MBST is hard to argue against, but it’s not a given that everyone will want to seek out an alternative to the standard route of GP consultation, referral, surgery, physiotherapy. What the objective of that small network of 13 clinics who offer the treatment, including Regener8 Healthcare, is to encourage people in pain to try this therapy first. You can’t guarantee how the human body will respond to treatment, but what can be guaranteed with MBST is that it greatly reduces the necessity for invasive surgical procedures, or a joint replacement and potentially lengthy post-operative physiotherapy.

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