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Welcoming Mark Gillett to Regener8 Healthcare: A Premier Addition for Joint Care & Joint Injections

We are excited to announce that Professor Mark Gillett, one of the UK’s leading Consultants in Sports and Exercise Medicine is joining Regener8 Healthcare.

With his exceptional background and expertise, Professor Gillett will be enhancing our clinic’s services, bringing his premier league experience to benefit our clients.

Meet Professor. Mark Gillett
Professor Mark Gillett is renowned in the field of sports medicine and joint care.
As the Premier League’s Chief Medical Officer and Lead Physician for the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme, Professor Gillett has spent over 20 years managing the health and recovery of elite athletes. His expert knowledge and innovative approach make him a perfect fit for Regener8 Healthcare.

Expertise and Advanced Treatments
Professor Gillett uses a mix of clinical judgment and advanced diagnostic tools, such as ultrasound, to identify the causes of pain and injury. His personalised treatment plans focus on tailored rehabilitation strategies, ensuring the best outcomes for our patients. Some of the advanced treatments he offers include:

Arthrosamid® Injections: A groundbreaking treatment for knee osteoarthritis, offering long-lasting pain relief with a single injection.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections: Using the body’s natural healing processes to accelerate recovery from injuries.

Steroid Injections: Effective in managing inflammation and pain in various joints and soft tissues.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections: Providing pain relief for osteoarthritis in major joints.

Prolotherapy: Encouraging the body to produce new collagen fibres to strengthen ligaments.

High Volume Injections: Beneficial for conditions like frozen shoulder, improving joint mobility.

Putting Our Best Foot Forward
With the Euros tournament capturing the spotlight this summer, Professor Gillett’s expertise will be more relevant than ever. Whether you are a pro athlete or just take part in amateur sports for fun, any form of physical activity can eventually lead to injuries and pain-related issues.

Professor Gillett’s experience in managing the health of elite athletes during high-stakes events is invaluable. His insights and techniques, honed on the global stage, will be instrumental in helping our clients achieve their long-term health and wellness goals.

The Premier League of Pain-Free Living
Professor Gillett’s addition to Regener8 Healthcare is a significant step forward for the clinic. His expertise will help you navigate your health journey towards a pain-free lifestyle.

For more information about our services and to book a consultation with Professor Gillett, contact us directly. Let us help you achieve your goals with the very best in the field.

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