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Ground-breaking technology leads to a revolution in pain treatment

There’s a technology innovation that has been causing waves of relief in the treatment of injury and pain. Where surgery might have been the only option, or a joint replacement looked like months or years on a waiting list, there is now Molecular Biophysical Stimulation Therapy (MBST), also known as magnetic resonance therapy. Although the therapy isn’t brand new, having been developed in Germany 17 years ago and widely used across Europe and Russia, it is ground-breaking in the way it treats injury and cell damage. Pioneered by a physiotherapy company in the UK 12 years ago, there are now...

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A life-changing alternative to surgery

I’ve always had a love of football. I even had the opportunity to play professionally when I was younger but, as happens in life, other things arose and I remained a passionate amateur. However, it was incredibly important to me that I kept playing the game I love – for fitness, for joy, and for camaraderie. So when I started having serious problems with my knee, I feared I’d be told to stop playing to prevent any further damage. As it happened, I needed to have 30% of my meniscus – the soft cartilage on either side of the knee – removed, but the procedure was successful and I recovered...

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